Frosty Morning on Winter Canola

Canola has both winter-
and spring-adapted
germ-plasm… more

History of

canola hybrid

Non-GMO hybrid canola
performance means more
Bushels in the Bin… more

The Next
Level in Yield


A choice driven by harvest yield
and consumer demand… more

and Non-GMO:
Our View

Winter Canola

Rubisco Seeds: High Yielding
Hybrid Canola… more

Our Canola

RuBisCo is an abbreviation of Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase, the key universal plant enzyme responsible for removing atmospheric carbon dioxide and converting it into plant sugars, which drive metabolism, growth and final yields of food, feed and fiber in all plant species.

Hybrid Canola Videos

Winter Canola Harvest – Douglas County, WA
Wheat Following Winter Canola Rotation – Gracey, KY
Swathing Winter Canola Popular and Hornet – Southern Kansas
Early Winter Canola Hybrid (CC17065) Swathing Pick-Up/Harvest – Central TX
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